Purulia – The Rough Beauty of Bengal

Purulia – The Rough Beauty of Bengal

Purulia Trip – Ayodhya Hill Circuit

It had been a long time since I had seen the dry, rugged beauty of Purulia, so I made my plan accordingly.

We had planned to see some more places around. The night will be spent in Purulia.

On this trip, I have covered the city tour of Purulia which includes places like Deer Park, Science museum, Saheb lake, and a few more places.

In this trip, I have not included Garpanchkot as I wish to explore Garpanchkot of Purulia in a separate trip. Instead, I visited the surrounding places of the Ayodhya hills of Purulia.

Must visit places surrounding Ayodhya Hills of Purulia are – Pakhi Pahar (Birds Hill), Khairabera Dam, Charida Village, Lower Dam, and Upper Dam, Peacock Hills (Mayur Pahar), Marble Lake and Bamni Falls.

How did I reach Purulia :

Finally, I picked my destination, and this time it is Purulia. The hotel was booked and the bags were packed as soon as the train tickets were booked.

First day:

I got in Chakradharpur Express from Howrah a day before at 11:05 PM. Wake up and reached Purulia station at 6:30 in the morning.

After reaching Purulia and get down from the train, I went out to taste the hot tea of Purulia, conquered the cold, and went straight to the hotel.

Where did I stay at Purulia ?

This time my friend booked Tirupati Lodge for this tour.

I Checked in the hotel at 8 AM.  It was quiet early as per the location, so I got the room after waiting for a while. The room was very nice. But it was located at the center of the city.

After eating chana-Panir and hot roti as my breakfast in the morning, then I take a nap as I fell asleep as I was quiet tired due to the train journey.

Popular food junction at Purulia :

On the recommendation of a local friend, I went to the hotel “THEK” for having lunch. They served Vegetarian Thali for only 50 Rupees. The food was indeed very good.

Purulia Local Sight Seen:

Then I went on a Purulia local tour, which includes:

1. Deer Park
2. Science museum
3. Saheb lake and other locations

After visiting the above places, I returned to the hotel. That day I had an invitation for dinner at my friend’s place who lives at Purulia and also made all the arrangements for this tour. We had dinner there at night and went to sleep.

Day 2: Ayodhya Hills

I got up early in the morning. After bathing in hot water, we went out with warm clothes. We booked a  Swift Desire as we were 4 adults and 2 children. We went to Ayodhya hills. We had our breakfast on the way to Ayodhya hills. It was a long journey and unfortunately, the road condition was pathetic.

Pakhi Pahar (Bird Hill)

Very nice place. In the shawl forest. Secluded place, still modernism has not swallowed up the place.

Khairabera Dam

After Pakhi Pahar we visited the Khairabera Dam of Purulia. Great view. I took many pictures on my mobile. This view should be captured with the eye (camera) and stored in the mind (hard disk). It is like watching the color change of mountains in the game of sun and clouds. Mountains on three sides. Moist in the middle. great.

Charida Village

This time I went to the village of Charida which is famous as a masked village. Masks shop all around. I bought some small items and moved on.

On the way to Charida Village, we had ordered our food as we were very hungry. We ordered Chicken curry and Rice.

They served properly cooked food which includes rice, daal, and four pieces of chicken curry. Our driver ordered the food to a local shop on his mobile phone.

Lower Dam and Upper Dam

I have no words to describe the natural beauty of this place. In a word, beauty embraces. You know that I felt as if I came to Darjeeling.

The mind was full. Would like to sit quietly and talk to nature. The feeling was like, no one has come before to know these mountains. 

As if mountains are complaining about the delay of my visit to the place. Dam water looks like tears in the eyes of the mountains. great. I will not say more. Go and enjoy it.

Peacock Hills (Mayur Pahar)

Yes, it’s 1:30 in the afternoon. Demons are fighting in the stomach. We had already ordered our food at a hotel which is located at the top of the hills. This time we are on the top of the hill.

The hotel is not tidy enough but the food is good. Price too low. They served the food immediately after our arrival.

I washed my hands and sat at the table outside the hotel. Red Chicken Curry and Rice. With daal, fried potatoes, cauliflower, chutney, pancakes. Price 190 Rupees. Meat large size 4 pieces. I ate with great satisfaction

Then I moved to Mayur Pahar of Peacock Hills. There I saw many underprivileged young children. I gave them a packet of food and some money. The peaks of Peacock Hill can be seen from far away.

Marble Lake:

This lake is amazingly beautiful. A Bengali film was being shot. We also took pictures.

Bamni Falls

To see the falls, you have to take 755 stairs towards the down side. Half of the Falls will be visible after getting down half of the total stairs.

I tried to see how far I could go. No, I could not have gathered the courage to go down all the way as my mind also reminding me that I have to climb the same no of stairs at the time of returning.

Those who have visited Shillong and seen the root bridge will be very familiar. I also saw many young local boys taking a bath.

Time to return to hotel :

Its 5:30 pm. Darkness has come down

Our driver gave us a reminder to return as it is getting dark and as I already informed that the road condition was very pathetic.

The return is also exciting. It was 6 o’clock in the evening but it seems like a late night. Naturally, it took less time to return.

Due to the entire day touring, I have been feeling pain throughout my entire body. I observed it is nothing but due to tiredness. I took half an hour rest and get out of my hotel room to explore the nightlife of Purulia City.

Purulia is also competing with big cities. What is not for modern life.

Brands like Swiggy, Zomato has reached the city. Big Bazaar has also happened. People are also very good.

Again went to eat at the “THEK” restaurant. Ordered Chicken Handi and Butter Nuns for dinner. I am in love with the taste of their food. If I had such a hotel near my house, I would build my house in the kitchen studio.

Day 3 : Returning from Purulia

Now it’s time to return home. The ticket was on the way to Tatanagar. Ranchi-Howrah Intercity Super-Fast Train. The schedule is at 9:12 am.

I left the hotel. I slowly ate breakfast and a light meal.

I got up on hearing that there was a disturbance in the Kharagpur line.

The train arrived before time. But there was a siege in Kharagpur. Our train arrived in Tatanagar and was canceled.

I came again to Purulia. Our friend stood in the news of THEK restaurant. We reached Asansol from Purulia around 5 pm.

Then I came to Burdwan from Asansol at 9 o’clock at night. Then I arrived at Bandel at 10:30 pm. Finally came home. Rest assured.

Budget of the tour :

It costs Rs. 12000 for 4 persons for the entire trip.

Room Rent: Rs. 1000 per day

Car : Rs. 2500

Toto rickshaw fare: Rs. 300

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